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 Magnetrons are impulse microwave generators for transmitters of radar approach control (RAC) and ground surveillance radars. The ENGINEs 611- 638SP52 are applied in the radar and the ENGINEs 68SP52, 69SP52 and 691SP52 in the linear accelerators service. 

A ceramic output window, an indirectly heated dispenser cathode, a liquid-cooled anode and a built-in permanent magnet are their common features.

The radar magnetrons are tunable by means of an external cavity, which, together with the liquid cooling, stabilizes significantly the working frequency, the stability being a very importand parameter in MTI (Moving Target Indication) service. The dispenser cathode extends the life of the magnetrons, the cathode glass insulator enables the application of getters as well as inner vacuum checking.

The magnetrons for linear accelerators operate at a high peak power and a low duty cycle.

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